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Sorry, I can't run this game without Java installed and working.

Jet Set Willy
Original by Matthew Smith © Software Projects 1983

Java version by Matthew Wilson, 1997/98
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Miner Willy, after his fortunate discovery in Surbiton, has hundreds of new found friends who REALLY know how to enjoy themselves at a party. After a particularly boisterous thrash his housekeeper puts her foot down - Maria won't let him into his bedroom untill ALL the discarded glasses and bottles have been cleared away. Can you help Willy out of his dilemma?


Q, E, T, U, O : move left
W, R, Y, I, P : move right
bottom row : jump

this version

This is a rewrite of the legendary Jet Set Willy in Java, using the data from the original game to construct the rooms and sprites. It is currently a fairly reasonable copy: ropes are the least good feature at the moment.

The scrollbar at the side controls the speed at which the game runs.