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ScreenshotA CRASH Smash

Sleeping safely in her bed one night, petite Giana from Milano has a strange, macabre dream. In her nightmare, she enters a weird land, full of strange aliens and terrible traps.

Her only chance of escaping the dreamland is to explore its 32 levels in search of a magic diamond. The adventure takes place above or below ground and contains many platforms and obstacles. Giana has a time limit of 100 seconds in which to complete each horizontally-scrolling landscape; failure to do so results in the loss of one of three lives.

While jumping and running over the platforms, Giana must avoid lethal contact with the many aliens which look suspiciously like a host of cute and cuddly creatures. They include the squirming worms (cute?), scuttling lobsters and giant bees. These can be squashed by jumping on them from above, or shot using dream-bubbles or an all-destroying smart bomb.

Magic crystals can be obtained by head-butting or hitting blocks with a star on them; when 100 have been collected, Giana is rewarded with an extra life. Extra weapons and features can also be gained from blocks to make progress easier. These include three types of dream-bubble: lightning bolts, rebounding double lightning bolts and strawberries which home in on the aliens. Extra features include magic bombs, a clock which sends aliens to sleep for a while, a lollipop (yielding an extra life) and a water drop to protect Giana against fire.

Traps in the landscape include lethal spikes, fire pits and pools of water. There are also holes, of which some are deadly, while others lead to secret crystal-filled rooms - only trial and error determines which are which.

A status strip above the main play area displays the number of crystals collected, lives remaining and time left. If Giana completes a level within the time limit, she earns a bonus: the number of seconds left multiplied by ten.

Only if poor little Giana manages to escape through the 32 levels carrying the magical diamond, can she return to her normal, peaceful world in old Milano. If two players wish to take part, they take turns to play; the second player controls Giana's sister Maria.

Producer: Rainbow Arts
Price: £8.99 cassette, £12.99 disk
Author: Source Software




Control keys: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Joystick: monochromatic, cartoon-like characters distinguished by plenty of detail
Graphics: catchy tunes and spot effects
Sound: two-player option
General rating: highly addictive and great fun to play. Plenty of hidden passages and surprise features should keep you hooked for weeks

Addictive qualities92%

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